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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  January 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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encryption, which we've talked about. more and more social media is getting the attention of the law enforcement community because they see it being used as a tool not just in communication but a crucial tool in their recruiting efforts. with the fight against isis on the ground well underway abroad, the obama administration is intensifying domestic efforts to counter violent extremism, a surgical strike where the weapon is social media. former fbi investigator bill dailey says social media is a crucial part of the organizations like isis. >> they train people on line. >> reporter: a high level meeting today. loretta lynch, james comey and other members of president obama's national security team industry's help. >> the goal here is to find additional ways to work together to make it harder for terrorists
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>> google, apple, facebook and twitter part of the sit-down. most companies have policies directing the removal of violent or terror-related content. security experts say both sides could do more and intercept attacks before they happen. >> probably like to see the technology companies and the government agree on some format of which they can work together on selective cases. how quickly can we respond, how quickly can law enforcement work with them to find out who the perpetrators of potential terrorist acts are. >> encryption is one of the subjects the government wants to bring up in the meetings. experts say if the government and the tech companies are able to come to an agreement on how to use social media to protect the country, it would be an immediate blow to terrorist organizations in the short term. ernie: thank you very much. an important move. joining me right now is peter moreno, a new york security expert.
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this is a real battleground as we know. how important is it for american tech companies to get involved fighting terrorism? >> it's extremely important. they are involved, but what the administration is asking is they take it to the next level. there are lots of nooks and crannies where information can be exchanged secretly. they're asking not just to let us look at the cell phone use, but to look at chat rooms or gaming chat rooms, things like that. ernie: it's such an important thing. it's top national security issue right now. it's a war. we know that. and we say why does it take so long for the companies to respond and to react? i know it can be complicated. this is important. >> i think you have to look at it from a business perspective. they have their clients' privacy to protect. and they don't want to appear to be giving this away. they do cooperate perhaps more
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this is going to be an extension of what's going on. ernie: given what's happened, do you think they'll be more motivated? >> i hope so. they're families are at stake as well. we all as a nation have to get together regardless of your ideology, regardless of your concerns. it's the age old battle of privacy versus safety of everyone. it goes back to the framers. ernie: that's true. you as a former nypd captain, you also had experience working and using this kind of information. >> absolutely. i was assigned to the transit bureau. a large part of my responsibility was protect the riding public from terrorism. and we would move our sources, our resources, deploy them according to intelligence we got from our counterterrorism bureau, they got it from the fbi and from sources such as -- ernie: and more important with the way the world is. optimistic? you think something will happen given the meeting and more to come? >> i do. i'm confident that calm heads will prevail, intelligent heads
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the threat is real. ernie: i hope so. we all know we need it. peter moreno, thank you for being here. other news to tell you about this evening. nypd officers remain on alert this evening following recent attacks on police officers. the latest happened last night in philadelphia. cops say 30-year-old edward archer ambushed officer jesse hartnett while sitting in his patrol car shooting at him a dozen times. despite being wounded, he helped to catch archer, who told police he was acting in the name of islam. islam. >> he stated he pledges his allegiance to the islamic state. he follows allah and that is the the reason he was called upon to do this. ernie: the officer was wounded in the arm and will be okay. this follows an attack on a police station in paris, a knife-wielding suspect was killed after lunging at officers while carrying a picture of the isis flag. a police sergeant present during the arrest of eric garner
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and charged with failure to supervise. officials say the sergeant was one of the supervising officers when garner died after being put in an apparent chokehold on staten island in 2014. >> more subway problems today as a stalled train caused major delays on the 6 line. it happened the same day governor cuomo announced a major improvement plan for the entire city hoping to bring it into the 21st century. it includes replacing metro cards with a new digital system, while expanding wi-fi and cell service to all subway stations. >> i want to listen to my music. i want to make a telephone call, be connected to wi-fi. i've come to expect that. ernie: sounds pretty good. the plan aims to speed up repairs and reconstruction by giving more access to time to contractors. that's what's happening in the news right now. nick is here. i heard you talking about that roller coaster ride. warm, cold.
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nick: we have some rain. not a lot tonight or tomorrow. a little. tomorrow night and sunday particularly through early afternoon on sunday. ernie: i know what you're getting ready for. we were talking about this before. it's going to start to get cold. maybe the snow is going to show up. nick: the pattern will become favorable for the storms to collide. it's the middle of january. supposed to happen. ernie: frosty, we're ready for you. nick: let's make the snowman soon. not today or tomorrow. temperatures today above freezing. later tonight, those of you north jersey, hudson valley, interior southern connecticut, we get into spotty light rain or drizzle. that might freeze in some places. the temperature will be at or below freezing. it could cause for black ice and slick conditions on the roadways tonight, early tomorrow morning. then it's going to warm up. keep that in mind if you're traveling past the midnight hour. 46, 36. above average again. the average high is 38. the average low 27.
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record low 2. we may be talking record highs on sunday. 7:20 for the sunrise. down at 4:45 now. it is cloudy. we're at 44. humidity on the increase with an east-northeast wind at 12. the pressure is falling at 30.18. for the highs, mid 40s most locales. islip warmer at 47. 46 at the jersey shore. only 36 monticello. now you can see we're down to 30 in sullivan county. there's the problem in the northern spots here that will be at or below the freezing mark when this spotty light rain or drizzle gets going. mid 40s in the city down to belmar. lower 40s across long island and 42 into connecticut. there's the northeast wind. that will stay tonight east to northeast 5, 10 miles an hour. likely to be the same tomorrow. fox 5 sky guardian not showing anything here. right on the edge of the screen, we're seeing some precipitation in central pennsylvania. there's a combination of a bit of sleet, freezing rain and
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temperatures of the cooler valleys. you get an idea of what's coming. it's not a lot but we have the winter weather advisory north and west of the city for the potential of a little icing. the weather map showing a couple of things. a big storm moving offshore. that's not our issue. little storm here. that's going to be heading towards the great lakes region. it will drag this warm front across the area tomorrow. that's why we have the clouds and the spotty light rain or drizzle in the forecast, particularly morning to early afternoon. then down here, another storm is going to get going. that as it moves up with bring the heavier rainfall tomorrow night towards sunday and bring up a surge of warmer air as well. sunday will be the day for the record high temperature. tomorrow, just drizzly, cloudy, damp, lower 40s in the morning. 44 at lunchtime. we'll climb to 48. it will take all day to get there. we'll stay tomorrow night as the warmer air moves in. there are the clouds tomorrow with the spotty line rain or drizzle. here comes the heavier rain tomorrow night into sunday morning through early sunday afternoon.
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along. in the wake of the system, it will dry out quickly but turn windy and colder next week. tonight, spotty light rain or drizzle. watch out for icing. patchy fog. 38 in the city. 20s to lower 30s in the suburbs. drizzle. a cloudy day. 48 the high tomorrow. 63 sunday. that's the new record. in 1876. that should go by the boards on sunday. cold, only 36 monday. 39 tuesday. snow showers tuesday night into wednesday with an arctic front. struggling to get to freezing at the end of next week. we have to watch next weekend for something. ernie: going to ride my bike. >> be careful. ernie: thank you. still ahead for you, this is one of the biggest weeks in the tech industry. the consumer electronics show. coming up next, a look at the coolest gadgets coming out in 2016, including a refrigerator that can order food. that's right.
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ernie: hi, everyone. welcome back. time for tonight's feature story. it is day three of the consumer electronics show in vegas and just about every possible new gadget you can imagine is being unveiled there. one thing a lot of people are talking about are different cars being introduced. some of them are driverless. others are electric. and, by the way, they're connected to your mobile devices to provide added convenience and control. it's incredible. there's something for everybody. all kinds of new things to talk about. let's do it now. joining us is seth porgess, tech expert and the cofounder of cloth app. you're on top of all of this. the hottest thing going, drones. drones. >> drones. everybody is talking about drones. drones have been bubbling up for the past couple of years, moving from fringe hobbies to a real mainstream device. they can be used for so many things. there are people who race, like the pod racing scene in "star
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the biggest application is photography. ernie: you're talking about these lilly cameras. this is the newest thing. explain how those are working. >> this is probably the most buzzed about drone that's coming out next year. it's the lilly camera. when you think about a drone, if you've never flown one, the concept has got to be pretty intimidating. where do you begin? do you need a license? ernie: this follows you? >> it follows you. you don't have to fly. you throw it up into the air and it follows you. if you're skiing or going for a run or your dog is running through a meadow, it can follow it around and take this really incredible, incredible aerial footage. ernie: what if you have a bunch of runners in central park? you've got all these drones following everyone? how does that work? inevitable. we're not in them. ernie: how much is it? >> not cheap. it's 799. there are preorders.
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ernie: got to check that out. you have other things. there's interesting home devices. i want to hear about this refrigerator, the smart refrigerator, smart fridge by samsung. >> there's a smart everything. the idea of an appliance being its own bubble that didn't talk to internet or to your phone, that's a thing of the past. the smart refrigerator, this is something a lot of people are interested in seeing. it has a touch screen panel in the door that is a computer. it's got apps in it. you can order food directly from fresh direct right in your fridge. you open the door, you realize you're out of ketchup, order right there. ernie: whether it's groceries or a meal and so forth, right on your refrigerator. >> we'll see if it's a gimmick. you could do it from your phone, but the idea of doing it from the fridge is fun. ernie: there's so many apps. >> so many. ernie: what's the referring go for? >> $5,000. ernie: that's -- got to watch
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anything else that's really hot? >> this is -- okay. we have passed an age where people get excited about a must have gadget. now it's what you do with them. the apps, the services they let you take care of. one of the biggest announcements is from netflix. they announced they're expanding to almost every country in the world. they're going to sell subscriptions that let you watch in every country in the world. that's a huge deal. next flicks netflix is becoming a powerhouse. ernie: when you go to the show and see the devices. it's incredible. keep coming back with new ideas. always good information for us. now, what words would you use to describe this winter's weather so far? interesting answers are coming up. how would you rate the winter? ernie: we'll talk about that coming up in just a minute. next, will eli manning and the giants have a new head coach
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here, at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, we give our patients the freedom to make appointments that fit their schedules, even on weekends. because we believe in being here when our patients need us, so they can keep living their busy lives. weekend appointments are now available here. learn more at ernie: it's friday. we know tom coughlin stepped down. what about the search? anything new going on? russ: they're still searching. still searching with interviews going on every day ever since it happened. ernie: who are they looking at? russ: today, adam gays, the offensive coordinator with the chicago bears. he's 38, highly thought of.
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they spoke to the defensive coordinators of the giants yesterday. and the guy that i think would have an inside track, i'm not saying he's the favorite, but he's the giants own offensive coordinator. ben mcadue. ernie: would it be advantageous to go from within? russ: everybody has a different viewpoint on that. with this situation, why it would be advantageous is ben's a good young guy. he has worked with now eli manning for two years. ernie: good relationship. russ: not just a good relationship, but eli has flourished under him. he's got a good track. before he was with eli, he was with aaron rodgers who says he's great. if you go outside and ben leaves, eli has to start with a
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it would be his third in four years. ernie: they could go on forever looking for people. this guy got fired from tampa bay. there are all kinds available. russ: lovy smith, funny you mentioned that. lovy is a guy they'll speak to. i think he got shafted in tampa. i don't think he should have been fired. you would speak to him. when guys are in the mix, ernie, they're going to interview a lot of people. the right guy has to strike you. ernie: you think they have to do that, interview as many as they can? that's probably the system. russ: until somebody wows you -- you do it until you're convinced you feel you have the right guy. ben, they interviewed him on tuesday. it made sense to do it right away to talk to him about it. i'm sure they'll interview other people. then maybe there are second interviews. until the one person says ernie's my guy, russ is my guy,
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ernie: and big shoes to fill. russ: have to do your due diligence. ernie: this has been an interesting winter. do you have a better word to describe it? we'll find out right after the break.
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next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at ernie: get ready for the hottest new talent show. join me at 5:30 tomorrow night on fox 5. >> i love doing this show. this is so much fun. our next contestant is going for
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ernie: join me and the bernie williams band for star of the day saturday night at 5:30 on fox 5. >> it's been an interesting winter so far. what do you think? >> strange. ernie: strange winter. a lot of people might say that. strange because it's been warm. >> warm, then cold, warm, probably warm again. >> no, i don't. ernie: you're not a skier? >> i am, but i go to school in michigan. it's cold there. >> it's cold i want it to snow. if it's warm, i want to be on the beach. ernie: has it been a good winter? ernie: that's a good answer. it hasn't. >> it's been like the coldest day. ernie: today is cold. >> who would have thought christmas eve, 74? ernie: i know. we haven't had any snow.
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they say we're do for a big storm coming up. ernie: are you hoping for that? >> just one day. >> we got back from florida yesterday. it was 82 to 32 over 24 hours. got him a new winter jacket. ernie: what do you think about the cold? do you like it? >> yes. ernie: do you miss winter, typical winter? >> i was the i can't wait for summer girl. i would be a hypocrite. i do like seasons. i'm looking forward to frigid weather, but not ready for snow. ernie: not so bad. >> but i like coats. you look amazing. ernie: you look great. enjoy your winter. >> i will. bye-bye. ernie: take care. it ain't over 'til it's over. thank you for joining us. for all of us, i'm ernie anastos in studio 5 and our control room upstairs, thanks for a being a part of the broadcast. have a great night.
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